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What to Say When Your Customer Wants to Remove Their Turf

There is a false perception that turf is bad for the environment. Click hear to find out what to say when your customer wants to remove their turf.

Ways Of Improving Soil Structure

Are you looking for information on how to improve the soil structure of your lawn? Click here to read about ways of improving soil structure with Turface.

How Do Mycorrhizal Fungi Benefit Plants?

What are the benefits of mycorrhizal fungi? Click here to find out how mycorrhizal fungi benefits plants & how to get better results with your turf.

The Role of Microbes in Soil Fertility

In Part 16 of our Drought Solutions video series, we'll cover 6 microbial benefits and how those benefits directly contribute to soil and plant health.

Poa Annua Weed Control - 18 Recommended Treatment Options

Click here to learn how to identify the poa annua weed, the environmental impact of it, best practices for managing it, & 18 recommended treatment options.

Why Is The Nitrogen Cycle Important In Your Soil?

Learn how the nutrient and nitrogen cycles work and how they directly contribute to soil and plant health.

The Long-Term Benefits Of Organic Fertilizers

Learn how organic fertilizers are able to boost the microbial activity and bio-reserves in your soil's profile.

2 Financial Statements That Can Predict Your Business's Future

Understanding how to read financial statements is important to every business. When anaylzed, you can predict the future of your business. Click here to learn how.

The Long-Term Consequences Of Synthetic Fertilizers

Synthetic fertilizers deliver nutrients to your turf, but may also cause damage to the soil. Click to find out consequences of synthetic fertilizer to a lawn.

Choosing A Fertilizer Based On Soil Test Results

Learn why so many seasonal fertilizer blends won't work for your soil and how to integrate soil tests into your annual program. Learn more here on Horizon!