The Ultimate Guide to Winterizing a Sprinkler System

November 1, 2023
During the freezing winter months, it is crucial to properly prepare and winterize your client’s sprinkler system to protect it from potential damage. Failure to do so can result in costly repairs and replacements come springtime.

The Ultimate Guide to Building an Outdoor Kitchen

October 30, 2023
Outdoor kitchens are more than a trend for homeowners; they represent a lucrative business opportunity for contractors aiming to tap into the growing demand for high-quality outdoor living spaces. If you're a professional contractor looking to venture into the outdoor kitchen construction business, this guide will provide valuable insights and...

Corrosion and Cathodic Protection

October 3, 2023
Fighting corrosion is a constant battle. Corrosion causes expensive damage and is one of the largest single expenses in our economy.

Water Quality and Its Importance in Landscaping

September 12, 2023
In landscaping, every element plays a pivotal role in achieving vibrant, healthy outdoor spaces. Among these factors, water quality stands out as an element that directly influences plants, soil health, and the overall aesthetic appeal of landscapes.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Synthetic Turf but Were Afraid to Ask

August 3, 2023
Thinking about getting into the synthetic turf installation business? According to IBIS World the artificial turf installation market in the U.S. is expected to reach $2.2 billion in 2022, partially driven by climate change and government regulation on watering restrictions.

How to Help Your Clients Understand Smart Irrigation

July 12, 2023
While phrases like “distribution uniformity” and “precipitation rates” are common to us, it can be difficult to translate to a homeowner. Here are some suggestions for talking “smart” to your clients.

You've Got Questions About Battery, Horizon Has Answers

June 7, 2023
There is some confusion in our industry around understanding voltage in outdoor power equipment. We have the answers.

NDS Drought Solutions

May 9, 2023
Driven by factors like population growth, socio-economic development and changing consumption patterns, water use is growing.

Spring Weeds and How to Control Them

March 29, 2023
Spring has sprung and with it a lot of weeds! Excessive rain throughout most of the U.S. has left behind overgrowth of weeds in turf, beds and more.

Horizon Distributors Acquires ProWater Irrigation & Landscape Supply

March 17, 2023
Horizon Distributors, Inc., a full-service wholesale distributor of irrigation and landscape maintenance products, announced today that it has acquired the assets of ProWater Irrigation & Landscape Supply, Inc., a Prescott, Arizona-based distributor of irrigation and landscape supply products, effective March 17, 2023.