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10 Water Conservation Tips To Counteract The California Drought

Here are 10 valuable water conservation tips that can protect your business during drought conditions. Gain water conservation insight right here on Horizon!

5 Reasons To Aerate Your Customer's Lawn This Fall

Are you considering aerating your customer's lawn this upcoming Fall? Check out these 5 reasons why aeration can greatly improve the turf's long-term health.

The Best Pre-Emergent And Post-Emergent Herbicides To Apply This Fall

Looking for the right pre-emergent or post-emergent herbicides for fall? Check out this list of growing tips and recommendations to prevent weed infestation.

Understanding The Benefits Of Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are popular among customers due to the environmentally-friendly application, but that's not the only benefit organic fertilizers offer.

What Is Organic Fertilizer?

Organic fertilizer is simply a natural fertilizer that is made up of natural components. Check out the other characteristics of organic fertilizers on Horizon!

Comparing Organic Fertilizer vs Chemical Fertilizers

Our BizPro training video highlights the differences between organic, inorganic, synthetic, and chemical fertilizers. Get educated on fertilizers with Horizon!

The Problem With Quick Release Fertilizer

Learn how quick release and slow release fertilizers actually work in our BizPro training video and decide which fertilizer is best for landscaping practices.

Why Slow Release Fertilizer Makes Sense For Business

One of the biggest myths of slow release fertilizer is the assumption that the price is too high. Watch us debunk this myth on our fertilizer educational video.

Understanding How Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer Works

Utilizing slow release fertilizer is critical in landscaping tasks. Our BizPro video training explains what slow release fertilizer is and how it is economical.

The Best Times To Fertilize A Mixed Lawn

Mixed lawn fertilization can be challenging if grasses fight for nutrients due to mistimed fertilizer applications. Learn more with our BizPro training video!