Do you have hard water? If you live in the US, chances are you do! In fact, 85% of the country experiences issues with hard water. And that is causing your herbicide to not work as effectively as it should.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water has large amounts of Calcium (Ca++), Magnesium (Mg++), and often Iron (Fe+). All of these positively charged elements in the water will immediately ‘bond' with the negatively-charged herbicides, “tying them up” and render them unable to enter and kill the weeds.

What's the Solution?

Water conditioner – when applied to the water BEFORE the herbicides – will bond with the hard water elements and prevent them from ‘tying up' the herbicides. As an added benefit, TurfGro Water Conditioning Agent is ammonium sulfate-based (fertilizer based). It will stimulate the weed's metabolism, causing it to take-in the herbicide faster, and move it through the plant faster – for a faster kill.

What About Glyphosate?

Some of you may be thinking, “but that doesn't happen when I use glyphosate”. Actually, it does. You are probably just using more than the recommended 2 oz. mix. Reality is, most people over apply their glyphosate product and have for a very long time, because the post-patent versions have become so cheap. Instead of mixing the recommended 2 ounces of glyphosate per gallon of water, they'll commonly mix as much as 6 or 8 ounces. Why? Because 2 ounces of glyphosate in un-conditioned water won't kill anything!

You probably don't realize it, but the over-mix of glyphosate is conditioning the water. At least 3-4 of the 6 ounces you put into the water will immediately be tied-up by the hard water elements. But with the overapplication you have 2 or 3 ounces left over to do the job. However, this is a VERY expensive way to condition the water. An ounce of glyphosate costs about 15 cents., so you're spending about 45-60 cents per gallon to condition your water. By contrast, an ounce of TurfGro Water Conditioning Agent costs about 13 cents - - and you typically only need a half-ounce per gallon of water. That's a savings of over $2.00 for every backpack sprayer!

This scenario is true for most systemic herbicides (e.g.: Trimec, Certainty, etc.). They are all prone to the same ‘tie-up' in our hard water and conditioning the water before mixing it in will greatly improve the herbicide's effectiveness.