How do I stop my sprinkler’s wiper seal from leaking?

Worn seals and washers are the most common cause of flow by. If these are worn or damaged, order replacement parts at your nearest Horizon store.

Why doesn’t my sprinkler throw far enough?

When other sprinklers on the same zone look okay, this sprinkler is probably clogged with debris. Check the sprinkler filter and the nozzle for debris. Use clean water or pressurized air along with a toothpick or pipe cleaner to clear out any debris. Avoid cleaning with a hard object, which can scratch the nozzle.

How do I stop my sprinkler from misting?

Misting is caused by excessive water pressure at the nozzle. The solution of reducing water pressure at the nozzle is simple enough but take some time to evaluate the situation before taking steps to eliminate the problem. If the whole irrigation system is subject to excessive pressure, the best and simplest solution is to install a new, or adjust an existing, pressure reducer to the proper pressure ranges recommended by the nozzle manufacturer. If just the irrigation zone is subject to excessive pressure, examine the valve. Some valves are available with pressure regulation options. Adjust the pressure regulation device if it is installed. If one was not installed on the valve, try turning down the flow control stem until misting disappears.

How do I measure pressure at the sprinkler?

Pressure should be measured when the sprinklers are on. This is operating pressure or dynamic pressure. If the dynamic pressure is too low, it must be raised to the recommended operating range specified in the rotor nozzle chart. Check to see if the flow control stem at the valve is sufficiently open. If there is a pressure regulator on the valve, attempt to increase the pressure. Also check to see if there’s a pressure reducing valve that can be adjusted for more pressure. Dynamic pressure can be measured in the nozzle stream with a pilot tube. Pilot tubes ate available at Horizon stores. If dynamic pressure cannot be raised, check the radius and pressure requirements of a lower volume nozzle.

How do I determine the flow for the zone?

Count up the number of sprinklers in the zone. Multiply this by the GPM specified by your nozzle for the operating pressure just measured. If this exceeds the flow of the valve, consider adding another valve to overcome the problem.

How do I correct brown spots?

Check sprinkler spacing to make certain the heads are properly spaced according to manufacturers’ specifications. Check for correct operating pressure at the sprinkler and correct flow from the nozzle. In many cases, the circuit is overloaded with too many sprinklers operating at once. To remedy this problem, split the zone into 2 valves or use smaller gallonage sprinklers. Problems with stretched spray spacings or low pressures on spray zones can be remedied by switching to lower gallonage short-range rotary sprinklers.

How do I reduce damage and repairs to my sprinkler head?

Sprinklers can be damaged from vehicles, heavy equipment, and foot traffic. Unless precautions are taken, damage can extend to the fittings and piping as well. Swing joint assemblies prevent damage to sprinklers and other irrigation system components. Swing joint assemblies can be made from separate components or can be purchased pre-assembled at your nearest Horizon store.