We all know labor continues to be the biggest influence on the green industry today. It impacts your ability to start new jobs, meet deadlines, even service existing clients. And there does not appear to be any relief in sight.

Horizon is here to help. We’ve identified 7 products that can reduce your dependence on manpower in both construction and maintenance work. All of the products will easily adapt in to your current processes while reducing your overall labor costs.

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Power Equipment

  • Exmark Wide Deck Zero Turn Mowers
    The wider your deck and the faster your engine, the more acreage you can cover in an hour with just one machine. That means the job gets done more quickly, and you can put your crew on more profitable jobs. See for yourself.
  • Toro Dingo Compact Utility Loaders
    Toro’s line of Compact Utility Loaders improves your productivity in a variety of landscape and ground conditions. But more than that, one Dingo can handle the work of two workers, and at less cost per month. Learn more here.

Landscape Products

  • Energy Efficient Fertilizers (slow release)
    Fertilizers featuring slow release technology like Duration and UFlexx do more than reduce your number of fertilizer applications every year. Using better technology fertilizers can impact every part of your business and improve your overall efficiency. Check out this video here.
  • Plant Growth Regulators
    PGR’s like Attrimec might scare you off with the price per jug. But if you look at it by application and the total time and labor you can save with the product, you will use it on every property. Check the math here.

Irrigation Products

  • WiFi Controllers
    Your clients are looking for ways to make their home life “smarter” with technology. WiFi controllers offer them the control they want over their irrigation system. But what’s more, WiFi controllers give you access to all your properties from anywhere in the world. You can monitor and manage all your properties from your phone, reducing costly callbacks. Check out this video here.
  • EZFlow French Drain Pipe
    NDS gravel-free French Drain products cut installation time in half by eliminating the need to transport, shovel and move heavy gravel. It can be used as a substitution for a traditional gravel French drain. They consist of fabric, lightweight gravel substitute, and pipe all in one package. Check out this video here.

Horizon 24/7

  • How much time do you or your guys spend picking up products every day? What if we could cut that time and get you back in the field? With Horizon 24/7 you can place your order from your desktop or phone and have it ready for pickup. Or even better, have it delivered directly to your jobsite! Check out this video here.

Can these products eliminate all your labor problems? Probably not. But maximizing your time on property with a few easy ideas can minimize labor fluctuation’s impact on your business and get to work on more profitable opportunities.

To see the complete list of Labor Saving Products visit us at http://info.horizononline.com/acton/media/33025/labor-saving-solutions-from-horizon