Irrigation Rotors

Rotor Sprinklers for Commercial and Residential Lawn Irrigation Systems

Rotor sprinklers operate by rotating a stream or multiple streams of water over turf. The benefits of choosing a rotor sprinkler head for your residential or light commercial irrigation system are multifold. Rotors are naturally a better choice for large areas of turf because of their extended spray range and lower precipitation rate, which delivers a more even coverage, conserves water use, and lowers overall costs. Rotor sprinklers operate at a higher pressure rate, normally between 45-50 PSI, and cover a larger radius, anywhere from 15-50+ feet. Commercial duty rotor systems are available with plastic or stainless steel risers.

Hunter Irrigation took the irrigation industry by storm in 1981 with the invention of its PGP rotary sprinkler, which still ranks as the world’s best selling rotor. The PGJ Rotor is a compact version of the original PGP Rotor, offering a 3/4" inlet and 27 nozzle options. Its compact design is ideal for residential and light commercial landscapes. Both offer exceptional coverage with the main difference being the PGP Rotor has a radius of 22 to 52 feet, while the PGJ Rotor only covers a radius of 15 to 37 feet. The flow rates and max pressure rate also differ between these two rotor lawn sprinklers.

Hunter also manufactures the PGP Ultra rotor with a patented non-reversing 360 for part- and full-circle in one model. PGP Ultra rotor sprinkler features a QuickCheck™ arc mechanism for fast arc adjustment. Hunter also offers the I-20, I-40 & I-50 rotors. The Hunter I-20 Rotor features FloStop® control, which stops water flow at the sprinkler head for quick and easy changes and repairs.

Rain Bird has several short to mid-range rotor lawn sprinklers as well. This lineup includes the residential/light commercial Rain Bird 3500 Series and 5000/5000 Plus Series, and you can also select the Rain Bird Falcon 6504 with Rain Curtain™ nozzles for maximum coverage. This rotor sprinkler is perfect for athletic fields, schools, parks, and cemeteries. For a more rugged rotor lawn sprinkler, the Rain Bird 8005 rotor stands up to harsh environments as well as vandalism.

The Toro lineup includes the T5 RapidSet® Series rotor, which features a 5-inch pop-up that is higher than traditional irrigation rotor heads. With RapidSet technology, you can set these rotors in seconds with no tools. They are ideal for taller grasses and shrubs.

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