Carbonate Stains

Calcium carbonate stains (or lime stains) on walls, bricks, fountains and other surfaces is common when you are dealing with high alkalinity and high hardness water quality. With a few products from Aquatrols you can offer a deposit removal service to your clients that can be profitable, quick and easy.

Spraying a dilute solution of Blast Sprayable, Capsil and water, will solubilize and dissolve these carbonate deposits and allow you to wash them away. Depending on how thick and/or attached these deposits are, it could take a couple of treatments to clean the surface of the stains.

A 1:1:1 mixture of Blast to Capsil to water, or equal parts of each, will safely dissolve these stains.

Example. One quart of Blast plus one quart of Capsil plus one quart of water. Mixed in a bucket and then put into a spray bottle. Then spray this mixture on the stains and allow to react for up to a minute. Then rinse with plain water. If necessary, repeat after drying, as many times as necessary to remove stain.

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