Driven by factors like population growth, socio-economic development and changing consumption patterns, water use is growing. At the same time, irregular weather patterns are making water availability less predictable and leading to longer and more severe drought periods in some places around the world. Despite 2023 alleviating some of the megadrought conditions in the Western US, demand for water continues to grow and extreme drought conditions still persist.

As water becomes more scarce and more costly, efficient irrigation is becoming increasingly important. Many cities in drought-prone areas in the USA are passing ordinances to put pressure on property owners to reduce their landscape water use and manage stormwater onsite. These ordinances are enforced through the promotion of rebates on water-saving landscape upgrades, or with strict water restrictions and fines. These incentives encourage homeowners to switch to more water-efficient products such as drip irrigation systems.

Drip irrigation systems can reduce water use in a typical landscape by 60-70%, saving thousands of gallons of water annually compared to sprinklers or hand-watering.

Drip irrigation solutions from NDS, including pressure-compensating emitters, driplines and accessories, reduces water usage by 60% or more. Compared to other landscape irrigation systems, it’s more durable and has a lower cost of maintenance. NDS has Conversion Kits to convert current sprinkler systems into drip irrigation systems, resulting in reduced conversion cost. Irrigation timers are also an important piece of the irrigation system and having a “Smart” controller as the brains of your irrigation system can more efficiently water turf and plants alike. You can learn more about designing your drip irrigation system here.