Irrigation Sprinkler Heads

Irrigation Sprayers - Sprinkler Heads

Most irrigation systems use one of two types of sprinkler heads – rotary or spray – to deliver the precise application of water to a landscape. Spray heads are most common and, therefore, what comes to mind when you think of a sprinkler head. Irrigation spray heads water grass and turf, flower beds, garden beds, and shrubs, ensuring healthy landscapes year-round. These sprinkler heads come in sizes between 2” – 12”, referring to the height the riser “pops-up” from the turf, and are usually spaced about 15’ apart.

An irrigation spray head offers a way to water efficiently, allowing better management of outdoor water use and costs, as well as water-related liability concerns and damage to hardscapes and landscapes. Reduce maintenance costs for a property as you improve plant and turf life by using an irrigation system with smart water spray heads and an automated watering method to save precious resources, time, and money.

Pressure-regulating irrigation sprays are part of a lineup of smart water system solutions that help residential homeowners and commercial property managers control water resources by improving the efficiency of their irrigation systems. Using water-saving technology, like pressure-regulating irrigation sprays and sprinkler heads, helps reduce water use as well as improve water retention in the soil. Pressure-regulating heads have a built-in pressure regulator that maintains an optimal pressure, usually 30 psi, that minimizes over-pressurization that can lead to misting, uneven watering, and water loss.

Practice proper irrigation with Horizon irrigation products by Rain Bird, Hunter, Toro, and Irritrol Systems brands. Horizon also offers Pro-Spray, Tvan, MPR Plus spray, and rotary nozzles to attach to these smart water solutions. Choose from among our selection of products for various elevation levels, flow-by, and recommended pressure (psi).

Spray heads and shrub adaptors feature a unique design for use in standard, as well as irregular-shaped landscape turf and shrubs. Institutional spray systems with UV inhibitors and in-stem pressure regulation for rugged applications are also available at Horizon, including sprinkler setups for busy commercial and public areas.

Other accessories for irrigation spray heads are swing assemblies used to connect sprinkler heads. Swing joints and swing check valves accompany sprinklers for an even more economical solution by giving users more control. Horizon also carries spiral barb fittings, as well as specialty products for anti-geyser protection and low head drainage prevention.

Learn more about Horizon smart water irrigation spray heads to get started with the right solution for your needs. Our associates are ready to assist you in choosing an irrigation spray system today.