Looking to get more hours between hydraulic oil changes and save money in the process? A simple solution is to use an oil that is specifically designed for your mower's hydraulic system. In this FAQ, Toley McGettigan, Horizon's National Sales Manager for Power Equipment, discusses the benefits of moving to a hydraulic oil.

Increase Hours Between Hydraulic Oil Changes - Video Summary

In commercial landscaping, many of the large riding and walk behind mowers have a hydraulic system. This video discusses hydraulic fluid or hydraulic oil and why it's important that you use the right hydraulic fluid in your mower's hydraulic system.

The Problem with Using Mobile 1 in a Hydraulic System

In the past, the standard oil for hydraulic systems was Mobile 1. A number of years ago, the EPA required Mobile 1 to take the zinc out of their oil because of environmental concerns. Mobile 1 is often used as engine oil and the EPA didn't want zinc being burned off into the atmosphere.

The problem with zinc no longer being in the oil is that it causes the oil to break down at high temperatures and you don't want the oil breaking down in your hydraulic system.

The Benefits of Using Hydro Oil

Premium Hydro OilIt's a good idea to use an oil that is designed specifically for hydraulic systems. Since it's not an engine oil, Exmark has added zinc back in to their Premium Hydro Oil. This oil stays contained, doesn't burn off, and goes to a higher temperature without breaking down.

Typically if you're using Mobile 1 in your hydraulic system, you're going to change your oil about every 200 hours. If you use Exmark Hydro Oil with the zinc back in it, you're going to change it about every 500 hours. So it's actually going to work out longer and costs you less money over time.

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