Ever wondered about the different colors of fuel cans? No, it’s not to make your workplace or garage a more festive place! Each color designates a specific type of fuel being stored.

Many warehouses and jobsites use multiple forms of fuel for their trucks, forklifts, heating, and more. So ensuring you are using the right fuel for the tool is essential for the safety of your people, and your equipment.

Gasoline, diesel, kerosene and certain types of oils are the most common fuels used in our industry. Make sure your team knows which fuel color goes with which piece of equipment.

RED: Gasoline (Flammable)

Widely associated with danger and risk of flame, red metal galvanized cans are used to hold gasoline. Complying with OSHA and NFPA Code 30 requirements and equipped with no-weld bottoms and spark-proof flame arrestors, these Type-1 gas cans will ensure that there are no mistakes when handling any flammable liquid.

BLUE: Kerosene (Flammable)

Kerosene is often stored in blue containers to set it apart from the more volatile and flammable materials like gasoline and diesel.

YELLOW: Diesel (Flammable)

Yellow gas cans serve as diesel fuel containers and meet the same governmental requirements. The stark color contrast from gas cans make it easier to recognize the difference in fuel types.

GREEN: Oils (Combustible)

More generic then the other, green cans are used for any and all mixed fuel. Best practice is to utilize labels to identify what is in the can.

In 2009 the EPA updated federal regulations surrounding the types of portable fuel container that can be used in the U.S. So if you have a trusted PFC that you’ve had for years, you might want to make sure it is up to code.

The regulations require:

  • A single, self-venting opening for filling and pouring with no separate vents or openings.
  • A permeation-resistant container that permits no more than 0.3 grams per gallon per day of hydrocarbon emissions.
  • Automatic closure, such as a nozzle that automatically springs to the closed position when the user is not pouring from the container
  • Childproof features as outlined by the Children’s Gasoline Burn Prevention Act

Not sure if your fuel can is up to standards? Stop by your local Horizon store, where we offer a large variety of sizes and styles.