Drainage, or stormwater management, consists of detaining, retaining, or providing a discharge point for stormwater to be reused or infiltrated into the ground water. There are many drainage product applications to help this process, including: French Drain systems, basins, filters, grates, downspout adapters, pop-up emitters, channel drains and permeable pavers.

Outdoor living continues to grow as an essential part of home life. Part of enjoying this outdoor space is keeping it free from standing water. And as the first picture illustrates, a typical property has many areas needing drainage applications. This creates a market opportunity for irrigation professionals.

Residential Drainage Problems
Five Reasons to Promote Drainage to Your Customers
  1. Market trends:
    • Becoming familiar with local stormwater regulations is a great way to differentiate from the competition. For example,
      • Macro trends in stormwater regulations are steadily moving towards managing rain where it falls to prevent runoff.
      • Tax incentives are in place for on-site detention and infiltration, and for limiting impervious surfaces by adding or replacing them with permeable pavement.
      • Stormwater utility fees are assessed in many markets based on the amount of impervious surfaces and runoff. And these fees are steadily increasing.
      • Credits can often be obtained for managing stormwater runoff through detention and infiltration, and by using permeable surfaces.
      • More intense rain events, such as the 2015 TX and SC storms, 2016 Louisiana storms and recent CA events, expose existing drainage problems and create new ones.
  2. Liability protection:
    • If the homeowner accepts the drainage recommendation, you increase profitability while adding value to your client’s property.
    • If the homeowner rejects the drainage recommendation, you still limit your liability by offering this service.
    • Problem:

      Problem - Standing Water


      Solution - Standing Water
  3. Homeowners rely on a contractor’s expertise:
    • People want to protect their homes.
    • Property owners are more motivated to repair drainage problems closer to structures.
    • Research shows that 95% of homeowners will take a contractor recommendation on repairs.
    • Problem:

      Problem - Flooded Garden


      Solution - Flooded Garden
  4. You already have the tools and crew:
    • Your guys are or can quickly become the expert that understands landscape and drainage requirements.
    • Your crew and equipment is already on site – this is an add-on sale.
    • You may be able to share the same landscaping/irrigation trenches – creating labor efficiencies.
  5. Drainage is profitable:
    • Drainage installations represent incremental sales revenue and can help you expand your services.
    • Adding drainage to your scope of work on current hardscape, landscape or irrigation jobs is one of the easiest ways to add incremental sales to a project while providing additional value to your customers.
    • Quick Math:
      Consider the sales increase if you reached out to your existing customer base and was able to tie in one of the many downspouts most homes have on their property?
      Let’s say just 50 customers… 50 x $600 = $30,000 in new top-line revenue!
    • Before:

      Problem - Downspout


      Solution - Downspout
Next steps:

NDS offers some great online training for you and your team to help you get in to this profitable business (www.ndspro.com). Plus, the pros at your local Horizon store are available to answer any questions you might have.