Fighting corrosion is a constant battle. Corrosion causes expensive damage and is one of the largest single expenses in our economy. While estimates vary, some inflation-adjusted reports based on prior NACE research estimate costs over $1.1 Trillion in 2016 alone and only increasing over time. Corrosion is often an unseen cost and there is widespread disagreement on the total, as many figures don’t take indirect costs into account. Bottom line – corrosion costs money and can even endanger lives by structural failures as well as increasing fees for everything from transportation to utilities and more. Additionally, 90% of water lost is corrosion-related, making corrosion prevention more of a priority as more and more areas experience drought-like conditions and water shortages.

Rather than take a “wait and see” or reactive repair approach, more and more cities and municipalities are alert to the fact that they need to make provisions to protect their infrastructures. Corrosion management systems (CMS) are an important part of any plan to address issues with existing as well as future assets.

There are many options to choose from to help in corrosion protection. Christy’s HD-50 is a tough, durable bituminous-based coating that will provide long lasting corrosion protection of above or below ground iron, steel pipe, tanks, flanges, bolts and other bare metal structures with single-coat application. The self-priming coating can be applied directly to new and reconditioned pipe. When applied over light rust, it will stop further deterioration. HD-50 is designed for quick, one-coat application in the field during repair and maintenance projects.

Polywrap is an economical means of corrosion protection. Christy’s Polywrap meets the post up-to-date specifications of the AWWA and comes in black, clear, purple blue or green for identification purposes and is available for pipes 4”-42”. Fitting Wrap is the same material as Christy’s Polywrap but in a new, contractor-friendly configuration used to easily wrap fittings and valves for corrosion protection. Use Fitting Wrap in conjunction with Poly Wrap and Pipe Wrap Tape.

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