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Conservation Resources

Drought Solutions

Smart irrigation is more than smart nozzles, micro irrigation, and weather sensing controllers. It’s preparing the season before and knowing your soil. It’s applying soil surfactants that reduce runoff and water use. It’s understanding best practices for water conservation and applying them based on the needs of the site. At Horizon, we believe that every month should be treated as Smart Irrigation Month. So, where do you start your practice of Smart Irrigation? Right here. As an EPA WaterSense Distribution Partner, Horizon Distributors is devoted to keeping you at the forefront of the water conservation movement. We've developed a number of resources and solutions to help you educate your organization and your customers about smart watering practices.

Water Sense

Water Rebates

Horizon recognizes that water is a scarce resource and we are an advocate of water conservation rebate programs across the country. As an EPA WaterSense Distribution Partner, we actively support Smart Water practices and encourage the use of water conserving products whenever possible. Use the map below to locate available rebates in your area.

Selling Tools

Talking to your customers about smart water isn’t always easy. Here's some of the industry’s best sales tools and graphics to help you with the conversation.

  • Energy Saver 101: Everything You Need to Know About Landscaping (PDF)

    Created by Energy.gov. Topics include: The Top 3 Landscaping Strategies by Climate, Landscaping for Shade, Planting Tips, Deciduous vs Evergreen, Landscaping for Windbreaks and Landscaping for Water Conservation.

  • Benefits of Landscaping & Drought Resistant Plants (PDF)

    A 2 page flyer created by Horizon Distributors that introduces 9 important benefits of landscaping that can be used as talking points with your customers. It also provides a list of over 150 Drought Resistant Plants (Annuals, Perennials, Trees & Shrubs)

  • The Return on Investment of Landscaping (PDF)

    Created by AlbertaArborists.com. Provides facts and statistics on how much landscaping can add to a building's resale value, how much lawns, plants and trees can lower heating and cooling costs, and the amount of CO2 that each tree removes from the atmosphere annually.

  • Pressure Regulation ROI Calculator (Excel)

    A tool created by Horizon Distributors that helps you calculate the savings associated with installing pressure regulating heads. Use this tool to see how much water your customer's irrigation system currently uses and how much water and money you could save them.

  • Have You Thought About Water Conservation? (PDF)

    A flyer created by Horizon Distributors that demonstrates how smart irrigation controllers save water, time, and money.

  • Landscape Water Audit Inspection Checkist (PDF)

    A one-page checklist created by Horizon Distributors that allows you to quickly document issues and inefficiencies in an irrigation system and the soil.