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Which Roundup Is Right For Me?

Which Roundup Is Right For Me?

The Right Choice!

With rains subsiding and weeds flourishing it's prime Roundup season.  But how do you know which formulation is right for you?  Don't let price be your only criteria! 

While they are all glyphosate products, each Roundup has particular features that makes it better for different situations.  This chart breaks it down and helps you decide if you need QuikPro, ProMax or Custom. 

The Right Tool for the Job:

Which Roundup is the right solution for you?

 Which Roundup Should I Use?

Bottom Line:

And of course every purchase of a Monsanto Roundup Product is backed by True Blue Advantage, with 24-hour support whatever your need. 

Horizon has a complete selection of all Roundup products!  Drop by your local Horizon store today.