If you are like so many other landscape professionals, you are considering alternatives for Glyphosate (Roundup) applications. But it's so easy, and so effective... but is it really? To date there are now more than 50 documented weeds that are resistant to glyphosate, and if you have wondered if you are using more per application lately, you are.

So what are your other choices? If you want something that works similarly to Roundup, check out Cheetah Pro. Also a non-selective post emergent herbicide, Cheetah Pro’s active ingredient Glufosinate actually inhibits the plant from releasing ammonia. Accumulation of ammonia in the plant quickly destroys plant cells and inhibits photosynthesis. Basically, the plant blows itself up internally, which means results are quick and sustainable.

Glufosinate also uses half the application rate as Roundup in most scenarios, making it less expensive per app. Finally, it's twice the concentration which means the smaller jug takes less room in your truck.

Cheetah Pro

Cheetah Pro 


So what?

Active Ingredient




Speed of Symptoms

Chlorosis and wilting within 2 – 5 days 

Chlorosis and wilting within 4 – 14 days 

Quicker response

Signal Word



Safer for applicator

Average Application Rate

1 oz.

2 oz.

Lower cost per application

Movement within the plant

Limited in both xylem and phloem

Primarily in phloem

When just in phloem plant must be alive & growing

Mode of action

Inhibits glutamine synthetase

Inhibits EPSP (amino acids) synthetase

Quicker, more effective

Behavior in soil

Weakly absorbed

Tightly absorbed

Minimal soil residue

Half-life in soil

7 days

47 days

Less build up in soil

Number of documented resistant weed species



Works on more weed types

Works better, less risk, less expensive.

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