TurfGro Premium Oil Blends

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All TurfGro 2-cycle oils meet or exceed JASO-FD and ISO-L-EGD, which are the highest standards in the industry.

TurfGro 2-Cycle Oil vs. the Competition

  • Excellent anti-corrosion performance
  • Amazingly low deposit formations
  • Superior performance in unleaded gas
  • Great results in air cooled engines
  • Incredible anti-seizure protection
  • Safer for the equipment operator
  • Remarkably less exhaust port clogging
  • Meets API air cooled engine oil service classification TC, Fluidity Grade 3
  • Significantly less piston scuffing
  • Reduces downtime and increases engine life
  • Meets JASO spec FD (001HDI001)
  • Meets Global Oil Specification ISO-L-EGD
premium advanced performance oil

Power Premium Advanced Performance Formula Two Stroke Engine Oil

Semi-synthetic smokeless two cycle engine oil

Specifically blended for chain saws, lawnmowers, line trimmers, blowers, motorcycles and all other air cooled 2-cycle engines

Safe for the environment and equipment operator

Available in 2.6 oz, 6.4 oz, 12.8 oz, 1 gallon, and 5 gallon containers

premium bar and chain oil

Premium Bar and Chain Oil

Highly refined mineral based oil with outstanding lubrication protection tackiness agent

Anti-foam agents and rust inhibitors to help extend the life of the bar and chain, and its low pour point aids pumpability in cold weather

Manufactured for residential, commercial and industrial chain saws

Available in 1 gallon containers

Premium motor oil

Premium 10W30 Motor Oil

A premium motor oil blended from solvent refined paraffinic base oils and carefully selected additives

Provides superior oxidation and anti-wear protection

Provides bearing corrosion and high and low temperature deposit control.

Can be used in all passenger cars, vans, and light duty trucks and 4 stroke power equipment.

Meets or exceeds requirements for API Service Classifications SJ/CG-4 and API Energy Conserving.

Available in 1 quart containers

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