Stump Grinders

How to Remove a Tree Stump with a Stump Grinder

When felling a tree for a client, you must address the issue of its stump. If left in the ground, the stump will attempt to regrow by shooting up sprouts, not to mention it is an eyesore in an otherwise perfect landscape. Tree stumps will decompose over time; however, this process can take months or years to complete. If you have a client needing tree stump removal, consider investing in a commercial stump grinder.

A stump grinder uses a rotating multi-toothed cutting wheel to grind stumps into mulch and sawdust. The process takes multiple passes over the tree stump with the grinder, but when the job is complete, you can collect the mulch for composting or disposal. Stump grinders with ergonomic handles and height adjusting handlebars will help reduce operator fatigue and increase safety and productivity. If space is an issue for your landscaping company, look for a tree stump grinder with a compact design.

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