String Trimmers

Landscapers Choose Gas String Trimmers from Horizon

String trimmers are a great investment for your landscape company because of their versatility. They can be used to cut tall grass and weeds that pose a clogging risk for mower decks; edge hardscaped surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, and patios; and trim hard-to-reach areas around posts, trees, shrubs, flower beds, and other plants.

We specialize in ECHO and Shindaiwa brand string trimmers. When selecting the best string trimmer for your business, you will want to take the physical stature of your landscaping crew into consideration. For taller users, a straight shaft trimmer is more ideal because of its longer shaft which helps reduce bending and hunching required to keep the trimmer head at the right angle and height to the ground for efficient trimming. Alternatively, the design of a curved shaft trimmer is more ideal for shorter users because it provides improved comfort and maneuverability to help keep the trimmer head in its proper position to the ground. A mixture of both types of weed trimmers will allow your landscaping company to increase job site productivity by reducing downtime caused by user fatigue.

If you are looking for a trimmer with even more versatility, try a split boom trimmer. They are designed to easily convert into additional landscaping equipment, like edgers, hedgers, and brooms, by means of various removable attachments. Attachments for ECHO string trimmers include: edger, hedge clipper, tiller, pruner, ProSweep, ProThatch, 180° articulating hedge clipper, brushcutter, Rapid-Loader Trimmer Head, and ProPaddle. Shindaiwa attachments include: trimmer, articulated hedge trimmer, pole pruner, multi-purpose trimmer tool, lawn edger, and PowerBroom.

Gas-powered string trimmers also increase productivity by providing landscapers with more power than battery trimmers and more freedom than corded trimmers, not to mention see-through fuel tanks allow for less time wasted needless refueling. Look for heavy-duty vibration reduction systems and ergonomic grips for operator comfort, but look for weed trimmers with professional-grade 2-stroke engines and commercial air filtration systems for extended use in your landscaping fleet.

Ask a Horizon specialist for help determining which weed trimmer is the best for your landscaping business. Don’t forget trimmer line for your new landscaping equipment too! Check out Turfgro trimmer lines available at Horizon today.