Sod Cutters

How to Cut Sod with a Gas-Powered Sod Cutter

As a landscaper, you will come across situations in which you will need to use a sod cutter. A gas-powered sod cutter will make quick work of cutting sod for golf course maintenance and landscape design. Plus, they are less laborious than a manual sod kicker and increase your landscaping company's productivity.

Landscape professionals use sod cutters to create pathways and flowerbeds, clear areas for patios, remove grass from under trees, and much more. Sod cutters are designed to cut into the soil underneath turf at different depths depending on your needs. Once the blade is engaged, walk forward with the movement of the sod cutter to cut the turf into strips. The strips of sod can then be conveniently rolled up for removal. When you remove sod from an area, be sure to check the soil and amend it with compost and manure, if needed, before planting flowers, shrubs, or other vegetation.

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