Rodent Repellent

Rodenticides for Rodent Control Commercial and Residential Landscapes

Rodenticide is a type of poisonous bait that is used to attract and, once ingested, kill rodents that can cause damage to landscapes and transmit diseases. Damage caused by deer, rodents, and small animals can be catastrophic for lawns and garden beds around homes and businesses. As a landscaping professional, you will want to educate your clients about how to recognize signs of landscape damage caused by these animals and provide quality treatment and protection for your clients' landscapes.

Rodents, like gophers, mice, moles, and rats, can cause damage to lawns and landscaped flower beds by tunneling and creating burrows underground. Tunneling can create unsightly raised areas in lawns, especially at the entrance of burrows, and can kill plants by disturbing their root systems.

Deer and rabbits love to eat on a variety of plants and woody plants. Rabbits will eat a variety of vegetation and cause damage to woody plants by gnawing on their bark. Since deer lack upper incisors, they have to tear and rip plant leaves which cause the leaves to have jagged edges. Deer damage to young trees is noticeable when deer rub their antlers and bodies against them, which can shred tree bark and uproot unestablished trees.

Traps may be used to capture and kill gophers, moles, yellow jackets, and rats. Some require the use of an attractant or bait, while others are set-and-go traps. In addition, rodent and animal repellents are an option for environmentally conscious clients looking to keep critters away from their yards or businesses without killing them.

If your clients are looking to you to repel rodents and other animals from their landscapes, Horizon has a plethora of rodenticides, traps, and repellents for professional landscapers like yourself.