Hunter ST-1600-KIT




This all-in-one solution offers unmatched cleaning, cooling, and flushing capabilities to prepare synthetic sports fields for play.

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The Hunter ST-1600-KIT is the first and only fully integrated solution designed to exceed the unique needs of the synthetic turf irrigation market. This versatile offering features an exclusive IBS Infill Barrier System that accommodates every field surface configuration, including infill turf, short non-infill turf, synthetic running track, and in-concrete installations. It also comes standard with our legendary gear-driven rotor technology for reliable, long-term performance.
All irrigation components are accessible through the top, making maintenance simple while keeping the surface intact, playable, and safe. The kit also includes a durable manifold featuring 3" galvanized ductile iron components with heavy-duty, grooved Victaulic™ type fittings. Combined with a slow-opening, low-pressure-loss control valve, isolation valve, drain valve, and quick coupler valve, you get the most robust and powerful system of its kind.
To provide a complete product specification, designers simply need to specify the kit. Ordering is a snap too, thanks to a handy system reference guide that list all the components installers and distributors need.

  • Through-the-top design permits easy access to all irrigation components for quick servicing and maintenance
  • Proven isolated, grease-lubricated gear drive delivers consistent, top performance
  • Flexible arc adjustment from 40° to non-reversing 360° with left and right movable stops makes it easy to set a precise arc
  • Ratcheting nozzle turret for simple setup
  • Adjustable speed of rotation up to 65 seconds enables quick wetting where dust control is needed
  • Stainless steel and brass internal construction for long-term reliability
  • Six nozzle choices included from #16 to #26 (#20 standard) with 25° trajectory for choosing the perfect option
  • Adjustable speed of rotation: 0 to 65 seconds (High-speed models, 180° at 120 PSI)
  • Warranty period: 5 years component part