Hunter ST-1600-HS-BR




In addition to synthetic turf, this heavy-duty rotor is designed for irrigating pastures, horse arenas, dust control, and natural turf areas.

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The ST-1600-HS-BR riser-mounted rotor is the perfect solution for retrofitting synthetic fields and managing dust control in horse arenas, corrals, and pastures.
Designed for powerful performance, and easy servicing, it’s the most reliable gear-driven synthetic turf rotor on the market.

  • Proven, isolated, grease-lubricated gear drive delivers consistent, top performance
  • Flexible arc adjustment from 40° to non-reversing 360° with left and right movable stops makes it easy to set a precise arc
  • Ratcheting nozzle turret for simple setup
  • Adjustable speed of rotation up to 65 seconds enables quick wetting where dust control is needed
  • Stainless steel and brass internal construction for long-term reliability
  • Six nozzle choices included from #16 to #26 (#20 standard) with 22.5° trajectory for choosing the perfect option