Hunter ST-1600-HS-B




With a powerful throwing radius of up to 165', the ST-1600-HS-B rotor is the ideal choice for Cleaning, cooling, and flushing expansive synthetic turf sports fields so they're always ready for play.

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The ST-1600-HS-B pop-up rotor is ideal for expansive synthetic turf irrigation applications such as football, field hockey, and soccer fields. Its high-speed capability also keeps temperature under control for better playability. Designed for seamless installation, powerful performance, and easy servicing, it’s also the most reliable gear-driven synthetic turf rotor on the market.

  • Proven isolated, grease-lubricated gear drive delivers consistent, top performance
  • Flexible arc adjustment from 40° to non-reversing 360° with left and right movable stops makes it easy to set a precise arc
  • Ratcheting nozzle turret for simple setup
  • Adjustable speed of rotation up to 65 seconds enables quick wetting where temperature control is needed
  • Stainless steel and brass internal construction for long-term reliability
  • Six nozzle choices included from #16 to #26 (#20 standard) with 25° trajectory for choosing the perfect option