Seed Research of Oregon Champion Blue

Champion Blue

Seed Research of Oregon

Champion Blue

Perennial Ryegrass/Bluegrass Mixture

● Seeds/lb: 300,000 ● New turf: 7–9 lbs/1,000 sq ft 300–400 lbs/acre ● Overseeding: 6–8 lbs/1,000 sq ft 250–350 lbs/acre

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The newest generations of Kentucky bluegrasses have greatly improved on many of the plagues from which older varieties suffered. Necrotic Ring Spot, scalping at close mowing heights, and susceptibility to drought (and the associated summer dormancy) have been the focus of intense breeding. Our bluegrasses provide a healthier, denser, and more disease free turf than ever before. The combination of superior ryegrasses and bluegrass means superior performance.