RedMax HBZ260R 25.4CC 459 CM Gas Blower

HBZ260R 25.4CC 459 CM Gas Blower


HBZ260R 25.4CC 459 CM Gas Blower

For the commercial operator, RedMax is easily the industry leader in terms of the selection and performance of power blowers.

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Weight 9.5 lbs; Weight 4.3 kg; Product size length 11.02 in; Tube length 22.047 in; Cylinder displacement 25.4 cm³; Power output 1.14 hp; Maximum power speed 7300 rpm; Fuel tank volume 0.45 fl oz; Idling speed 3000 rpm; Electrode gap 0.03 in; Spark plug NGK BPMR8Y; Fuel consumption 518 g/kWh; Engine Family CARB MHQZS.0254HE; Engine Family EPA GHQZS.0254GQ