Hunter PGP Ultra & I-20 PRB

PGP Ultra & I-20 PRB


PGP Ultra & I-20 PRB

The PGP Ultra and I-20 PRB are built to thrive in applications where high water pressure could otherwise lead to inefficient nozzle operation.

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The PGP and I-20 pressure regulated bodies will take incoming pressures of 50-100 PSI and reduce them to 45 PSI. The Hunter PRB rotors allow the nozzles to operate at peak efficiency, saving up to 25 percent more water. Having the pressure regulator in the body allows it to remain in place and functional even if the original riser is removed and replaced for service.

  • Pressure-regulated body (45 PSI) reduces high incoming pressure to increase nozzle efficiency
  • Patented automatic arc return feature returns the turret back to the original arc pattern if vandalized; adjustable arc from 50° to 360°
  • Non-strippable drive mechanism is protected from damage if turned in the opposite direction of travel
  • Part- and full-circle in one model for flexibility across landscapes and reduced inventory
  • Headed and slotted setscrew allows radius adjustment with a Hunter wrench or flat-blade screwdriver
  • FloStop® closes the flow of water from individual sprinklers, to change the nozzle or perform repairs (I-20 only)
  • Flat-top nozzles allow fast, easy insertion
  • QuickCheck™ arc mechanism for fast arc adjustment
  • Available stainless steel riser for extra durability
  • Drain check valve prevents low-head drainage (up to 10' of elevation)