NDS 17mm Dura Flo PC Dripline, 1gph, 12" spacing, 100', Brown

17mm Dura Flo PC Dripline, 1gph, 12


17mm Dura Flo PC Dripline, 1gph, 12" spacing, 100', Brown

NDS 17mm Dura Flo CV Dripline utilizes a highly engineered check valve design that allows for lower opening pressures. That means you can install in larger sections before you need to install a valve. Installation is faster, saving you time and mone

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The new Dura Flo CV Check Valve Dripline combines the best of Dura Flo PC with a check valve. The combination brings the next level of water conservation to your irrigation project. The dripper features a check valve in combination with anti-siphon capabilities. The check valve prevents low emitter drainage on shut down and the anti-siphon feature eliminates back-siphonage at each emitter. This combination maximizes water efficiency by minimizing water loss and protecting each emitter from clogging and root intrusion. NDS Dura Flo CV is the only product offering this level of efficiency and protection in an all-in-one solution for drip line applications.