This reliable control system can run conventional, two-wire, or hybrid operations with the option to upgrade to Centralus™ cloud-based control.

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ICC2 is a value-packed, light-to-mid size commercial irrigation controller that delivers more than you expect, just like its famous predecessor. It is designed to control larger projects (up to 54 stations*) and offers the water savings you expect from a Hunter controller.
ICC2 can run any two of its four automatic programs simultaneously. The ICC2 facepack and station output modules (with enhanced surge protection) are compatible with the original ICC controllers, in four and eight station increments. An optional expansion module allows up to 54 stations* in ICC2 metal enclosures and 38 stations in plastic enclosures.
ICC2 offers simple programming with a high-visibility backlit display and customizable language overlays. It also includes advanced features like Easy RetrieveTM memory backup, Cycle and Soak, and Seasonal Adjustment.
ICC2 controllers are prewired for remote control with Hunter ROAM and ROAM XL transmitters, and have built-in Solar Sync® for automatic water savings, with an optional sensor. ICC2 is available as a plastic outdoor wall mount, metal outdoor wall mount, stainless steel wall mount, or plastic pedestal. Optional matching metal pedestals in gray or stainless are also available.
* Expandable in 4-, 8-, 22-, and 54-station increments

  • Number of stations:
  • - Conventional: 8 to 38 (plastic), 8 to 54 (metal and pedestals)*
  • - With two-wire EZDS: up to 54 (all enclosure options)
  • 4 independent irrigation programs (8 start times each) allow for customized scheduling
  • 12-hour maximum station run time provides flexibility for low-flow zones
  • Any 2 programs can operate simultaneously, providing more efficient watering
  • 1 sensor input available for use with Solar Sync® or any Clik sensors
  • 1 P/MV output for pump start relay and master valve activation
  • Backward compatibility to original ICC controllers allows for quick updates to older systems
  • Upgradeable to Centralus software for web-based central control options