Maximize drip system longevity with robust material construction and pressure compensation for standard and reclaimed applications.

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Hunter Dripline (HDL) is a high-efficiency, ultra-durable upgrade to PLD that is available in three pressure-compensating varieties to accommodate a range of drip system needs. Choose HDL-PC for standard installations, HDL-CV for sloping or subsurface applications that require a check valve, and HDL-R when using reclaimed water.
Install HDL at grade or subsurface to effectively and precisely irrigate shrubs, gardens, turf, perennials, and trees. Kink- and UV-resistant HDL features a large internal diameter that allows fittings to be installed more easily, and provides the capacity for longer maximum runs. Highly consistent pressure-compensating emitters come with a built-in filter inlet port as well as wide labyrinth pathways to prevent clogging.
Color-coded striping allows users to quickly identify the flow in the field, saving time during maintenance. Tan, gray, and black colors indicate flow rates of 0.4, 0.6, and 0.9 GPH, respectively. Purple indicates non-potable applications. The dripline can be easily unraveled from the inside of the coil since it is stretch-wrapped, keeping the coil intact.
In addition, the eco-friendly HDL is made with approximately 80% pre-consumer reprocessed resins, offering a high level of sustainability without sacrificing quality.

  • Pressure-compensating emitters for consistent flow and uniform coverage
  • Check height of 6' minimizes system drainage and runoff
  • Color-coded stripes provide easy identification of flow
  • UV Resistant facilitates product longevity
  • Stretch-wrapped coils stay intact and make installation quick and easy
  • Superior grit tolerance provided by proprietary emitter design with multiple inlet filters, a wide turbulent labyrinth and a full-size outlet pool
  • Reclaimed product (HDL-R) identified by purple stripes assists in visual identification when using non-potable water
  • Non-draining check valve (CV) prevents low-point pooling and allows all emitters to open/close at the same time for greater system efficiency
  • Anti-siphon feature prevents debris from entering emitter at system shutdown
  • Copper oxide in the emitter provides root intrusion resistance
  • Copper will not leach into soil
  • Slow-draining check valve (CV) emitters prevent low-point pooling and boost system efficiency
  • Multiple inlet filters in the emitter and a wide turbulent labyrinth provide superior grit tolerance
  • Full-sized emitter outlet pool and raised wall inhibit debris and roots from entering the emitter