FX Luminaire SRP RGBW Strip Light

SRP RGBW Strip Light

FX Luminaire

SRP RGBW Strip Light

Total RBGW control

When installed with the SRP-CC Color Controller, the SRP RGBW Strip Light is compatible with the next-generation Luxor Controller from FX Luminaire or any traditional low-voltage transformer for unmatched color-changing effects.


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  • Same award-winning design as SRP White (install, construction, etc.)
  • 12 VAC power ensures compatibility with any low-voltage lighting transformer
  • Total RBGW control; SRP-CC Strip Light Color Controller required
  • Two convenient control options: Standalone or Luxor Mode
  • Luxor Mode allows a Luxor Controller to assign a Group and set Hue, Saturation, and Intensity values
  • Standalone Mode can be used with the EX, PX, and DX models as well as any standard low-voltage transformer, allowing you to manually set Hue, Saturation, and Intensity values