Hunter EZ Decoder System

EZ Decoder System


EZ Decoder System

Bring two-wire technology to more projects than ever before with the revolutionary, low-cost, hassle-free EZ Decoder System for HCC, ICC2, and Pro-C controllers.

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Cost and complexity have often limited decoder technology to higher-end systems. However, with the revolutionary EZ Decoder System (EZDS), you get all the advantages of two-wire installations with simpler, more cost-effective technology — so you can bring the power of two-wire control to more projects than ever before. 
EZDS is compatible with all the features of the Hydrawise® enabled HCC controller, Centralus™ enabled ICC2 controller, and trusted Pro-C® controller. Plug in either the PC-DM or EZ-DM two-wire output modules to enable up to 28 (Pro-C) or 54 (HCC/ICC2) stations on a single pair of wires. Then simply place EZ Decoders at each valve! 
EZ Decoders are small, waterproof, and come with color-coded wiring and a convenient LED status light. They do not require special wire or connectors to function. Better yet, the system can coexist with conventional output modules, allowing hybrid functionality of both direct-wired valves and decoder operations in the same controller. This technology also permits easy conversion of a conventionally wired system to two-wire using the existing wiring bundle. It’s that easy! 

  • Number of stations:
  • - Pro-C: Up to 28, plus master valve
  • - ICC2/HCC: Up to 54, plus master valve
  • No special wire or connectors required
  • No special grounding or surge arrestors required in-line to maximize time and money savings during installation
  • Programmable decoders with no need to input individual serial numbers
  • P/MV can activate via the two-wire path for distant master valves
  • Permits hybrid operations of side-by-side conventional and decoder stations for added flexibility
  • EZ-1 decoders have built-in status LED for positive diagnostics
  • EZDT wireless, handheld diagnostic tool for EZ Decoder Systems:
  • - Detect faults and perform electrical troubleshooting in the field without uninstalling decoders
  • - Quickly read decoder status, station address, current draw, and two-wire voltage to simplify maintenance
  • - Program decoder station address via wired connection to speed up installation and save time on-site
  • - Update controller facepack or decoder module firmware via ribbon cable connection for flexibility when updating systems
  • - Communicate in your preferred language using the multilingual user interface
  • - Work reliably and efficiently on the go with power supplied by 4 AAA batteries