Hunter Drip Control Zone Kits

Drip Control Zone Kits


Drip Control Zone Kits

Durable, All-in-One Control Zone Kits for Residential and Commercial Applications

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PCZ/ACZ Drip Control Zone Kits
These preassembled kits bring together the popular PGV valve with a filter and a pressure regulator for a complete control zone solution. The PGV valve features heavy-duty construction, including a bonnet made of durable PVC. A stainless steel filter screen, flush cap, and pressure regulator help maintain a consistent 25 or 40 PSI. To save time and labor, use the high-performance ACZ kit to meet your anti-siphon needs.
ICZ Drip Control Zone Kits
For the demanding requirements of commercial jobsites, Hunter’s ICZ Drip Control Zone Kits are the most dependable solutions in the industry. The convenient, all-in-one kits offer the superior performance of Hunter ICV valves along with a stainless steel filter and pressure regulator. Because these kits include pressure regulation that ensures a consistent 25 or 40 PSI, they can accommodate drip needs in challenging environments. With every component preassembled and water-tested, the ICZ provides a field-proven solution for commercial drip applications.

  • Factory-assembled for quick and easy installation
  • All Hunter valves are water-tested to ensure dependable operation
  • All Senninger regulators are water-tested and provide the most accurate and dependable pressure regulation in the industry
  • All kits come standard with a stainless steel 150-mesh screen
  • Wide range of kits cover applications with low, medium, and high ranges
  • Some models are available with reclaimed components