Waterproof Wire Connectors

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DBRY-6 waterproof connectors are available in bulk packs, for large projects and small repairs. These are the same leading-edge connectors that are included with ICD and Dual decoders.
These UL Listed connectors in bulk packs are available for common irrigation applications, including:
3-way splices in the two-wire path
Connection of earth ground wires to grounding hardware
Spares for “goofs”, since the connectors are not reusable
Replacements for ongoing maintenance and repair.

  • UL Listed for 600 Volts direct burial.
  • Improved red-and-yellow wire nut, eliminating the need for two different sizes.
  • A snap-lock feature that secures the wire nut in the bottom of the light blue waterproof tube.
  • 3 wire exit cutouts in the strain relief cap, to ease wire routing.
  • Meets Directive 2006/95/EC and IEC standards EN61984:2009, EN60998- 1:2004, and EN60998-2-4:2005.