Hunter Centralus™




Add cloud-based control and monitoring for ICC2 and ACC2 controllers with the mobile-friendly Centralus irrigation management platform.

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The mobile-friendly Centralus irrigation management platform provides highly secure, comprehensive cloud-based control and monitoring features to new or existing ICC2 dial-based controllers and ACC2 controllers. The connectivity allows you to view a controller’s status, change settings, view forecasts, save water, and receive instant notification of important system alarms — all without costly and time-consuming travel and site visits.
The addition of internet access brings your ICC2 or ACC2 controller seamlessly into the world of next-generation irrigation control. The on-screen scheduling works exactly like the dial-based ICC2, with programs A through D, start times, and run times organized the same way they are in the controller. From the user-friendly Centralus dashboard, it is now easier than ever before to add alarm monitoring, location information, remote operation, and scheduling to ICC2 controllers. By adding an A2C-WIFI module to an ACC2 controller and a free Centralus account, you can receive SMS text alerts in the event of critical alarms, view complete alarm logs and flow histories in a web browser, use a smart mobile device as a full-featured remote control, and adjust, stop or cancel programmed irrigation as required.
Easy, tool-free installation and configuration connects ICC2 and ACC2 controllers with minimal effort and no guesswork, and include free access to the Centralus web central control platform. Log in to the platform through your Hunter account at If you do not have one, you can create one for free. Direct feedback capabilities are built in to the platform, so you can join the conversation and help refine Centralus’ features and capabilities.

  • Browser-based programming and communication software
  • Highly secure cloud access
  • Map-based navigation and status
  • Instant remote control from mobile device
  • Flow monitoring and reporting
  • Alarm reporting and detailed irrigation history reports
  • Responsive web design configures for your device, allowing the same controls from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or LTE connectivity options
  • Built-in Solar Sync® logic/Solar Sync Delay features for smart water savings
  • Professional crew member administration with multiple levels of access
  • Organize maintenance teams and their controllers into management groups