BASF Drive XLR8 Herbicide

Drive XLR8 Herbicide


Drive XLR8 Herbicide

.5 Gallon Bottle

Drive XLR8 herbicide is the latest technology in providing unsurpassed crabgrass control and is rainfast in just 30 minutes. A proprietary, water-based formulation, Drive XLR8 herbicide improves the control of crabgrass, torpedograss, kikuyugrass, several broadleaves (clover, speedwell) and numerous other troublesome weeds that you have relied on Drive 75 DF to control.

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When compared to Drive 75 DF, the new formulation in Drive XLR8:

  • Provides faster, more effective weed control.


  • Delivers quicker uptake by the plant.
  • Is rainfast quicker (in less than an hour).