B3C Mechanic in a Bottle


Mechanic in a Bottle

Synthetic fuel additive to FIX poor or non-running engines

Mechanic In A Bottle is the solution to FIX poor or non-running 2 and 4 cycle engines due to modern fuel issues. This synthetic fuel additive removes all varnish in the fuel system without having to remove the carburetor, removes carbon deposits and water, revitalizes rubber and plastic components, replaces lost octane and rejuvenates old fuel. Cleanses your equipment’s fuel system so that it starts efficiently and operates in top condition.

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  • Fixed ethanol issues
  • Stops costly repairs
  • Cleans carburetors and injectors without the need to remove carburetor
  • Revitalizes marginal gasoline
  • Revives rubber and plastic parts
  • Removes water; absorbs the water that has accumulated in the fuel system, allowing it to pass harmlessly through the fuel system and burn in the engine
  • No alcohol

Note: Pumps are not included.