Armada Technologies Pro900™ Advanced Digital Cable and Wire/Valve Locator

Pro900™ Advanced Digital Cable and Wire/Valve Locator

Armada Technologies

Pro900™ Advanced Digital Cable and Wire/Valve Locator

Tracks Outdoor Lighting Wires, Cable and Telephone Lines, Irrigation Wiring and AC Power Lines

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The Pro900™ Advanced Underground Locator features include three connection methods, digital displays, and the ability to power the transmitter through an AC outlet or with batteries. The traditional direct connection mode offers two frequency options, allowing the user to adapt to different wire depths and distances. Connecting via the inductive clamp is simple and safe, and the user doesn't have to deactivate a system in order to trace the wire. The broadcast mode applies a tracking signal wirelessly, allowing the user to quickly locate hidden wires and cables. The Pro900™ has two listening options: an external speaker, or a convenient and durable stereo headset. In addition, the Pro900™ has improved range, perfect AC noise rejection, and intuitive controls. The Pro900™ is truly our most advanced and most versatile locator.