Armada Technologies Pro90™ Automatic Clamp Multimeter

Pro90™ Automatic Clamp Multimeter

Armada Technologies

Pro90™ Automatic Clamp Multimeter

The Pro90™ Automatic Clamp Multimeter is simple to use with easy-to-read controls, perfect for experts and novices alike.

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The Pro90™ Automatic Multimeter is one the most advanced clamp multimeters on the market. Completely automatic, the Pro90™ has only one button for on/off operation. With Auto-Sensing, the Pro90™ automatically detects and displays AC, DC, or ohms without selection by the operator. The Pro90's auto-ranging means no selection of measurement ranges is needed either. The integral amperage clamp measures AC amps down to .9 amps by simply clamping to an active cable. The Pro90™ is simply the easiest multimeter to use.