Leaf Blowers

Best Leaf Blowers and Landscaping Equipment for Leaf Removal Services and Landscape Cleanup

Every professional landscaping company needs proper landscaping equipment for leaf removal services and lawn care services. When selecting the best leaf blowers for your business, you will want to take into consideration the types of landscapes you manage. At Horizon, we offer landscaping professionals a variety of ECHO leaf blowers, Shindaiwa blowers, and Billy Goat blowers and leaf vacuums.

Let’s start with the smallest equipment first. If you are looking for a blower that is lightweight and still packs a punch, a gas-powered handheld blower might be a perfect fit for you. Despite their size, handheld leaf blowers offer enough power to handle most leaf and debris cleanup while only weighing around 10 pounds. Most handheld blowers offer low-noise performance and are suitable for residential areas, though landscapers will still need to wear ear protection. They are also designed with comfortable hand grips and conveniently grouped controls to reduce operator fatigue.

Backpack leaf blowers deliver more power than handheld blowers but at a cost; they are heavier and louder. Backpack leaf blowers weigh about twice the amount of handheld blowers, but they are designed to distribute the weight evenly across the operator’s back and shoulders which eliminates arm, hand, and wrist pain associated with handheld leaf blowers. As far as power goes, backpack blowers have higher air volume and airspeed for increased performance. These blowers are designed to propel air through a tube equipped with hand controls for speed control and cruise control for operator convenience.

Does your landscaping company clear leaves and debris from large yards, parking lots, golf courses, or parks? If so, a wheeled leaf blower will make cleanup a breeze for your crew. Wheeled blowers produce 4 to 6 times the air volume as a backpack blower. This increase in power comes from a much larger engine that, also, increases the blower's weight to over 100 pounds. Because of their substantial weight and bulkiness, wheeled blowers' handling and maneuverability are more difficult compared to backpack or handheld blowers. Wheeled leaf blowers have a self-propelled engine option and ergonomic handles to help relieve operator fatigue and increase productivity.

We also have Billy Goat lawn vacuums and ECHO Bear Cat lawn vacuums available for quick and efficient cleanup of leaves, grass, litter, and small debris. Rather than having to use a blower to direct leaves to a tarp for bagging, a lawn vacuum allows you to clean up in a snap by instantly bagging 4 to 6 bushels of debris over different types of terrain. Some lawn vacuums can be equipped with a push engine or self-propelled engine, depending on your needs.

If you need help selecting a leaf blower, lawn vacuum, or other landscaping cleanup equipment for your business, contact Horizon today. We will be more than happy to help you determine which type of leaf blower or vacuum your landscaping company needs for cleaning up commercial and residential properties.