Lawn Edgers

The Best Lawn Edgers For Your Landscaping Needs

No professional landscaping job is complete without lawn edging. After mowing your client’s grass, pruning their shrubs and bushes, trimming their hedges, and mulching their flower beds, you will want to use a lawn edger to clean-up edges along paved surfaces and landscaped gardens. Edging is the polishing touch to any landscape and effectively prevents grass and weeds from overtaking flower beds, sidewalks, driveways, and patios; therefore, not taking the time to edge is counterintuitive to your initial landscape design for your client.

Lawn edging is often an overlooked aspect of landscaping because it can be time-consuming and arduous with the wrong lawn equipment. When selecting the best lawn edger for your landscaping company, you will want to take into consideration how much area you will be edging for your residential and commercial clients. If your clients have expansive landscapes, look for a self-propelled walk-behind edger to quickly and efficiently edge large properties and eliminate operator fatigue caused by lugging around a traditional stick edger. Walk-behind edgers are perfect for landscapers because their cutting blade can be tilted to any angle, meaning you can achieve perfectly manicured flower beds with ease, and their wheel-base is more stable ensuring straight-cut edges.

Stick edgers, like ECHO stick edgers or Shindaiwa edgers, differ from string trimmers by having a sharp, steel blade and a wheel to help balance and guide the tool along paved surfaces. Though less bulky than walk-behind lawn edgers, stick edgers can perform just as well. Since they are designed to be carried by the user, they are lightweight and feature vibration reducing engines and grips for operator comfort. Their wheel helps to disperse the weight of the machine to aid in reducing operator fatigue and steadying the lawn edger for straighter cuts. Straight shaft edgers are better for long edges along straight sidewalks and driveways; however, if your client has winding sidewalks, driveways, or flowerbeds, consider a curved shaft edger.

At Horizon, our selection of gas-powered lawn edgers delivers the horsepower and performance you need to cut the edges of any landscape. If you need help selecting a lawn edger for your landscaping company, feel free to reach out to a Horizon team member today, and we will be more than happy to help you.