Lawn Dethatcher

Lawn Dethatchers for Professional Landscapers

Horizon understands the importance of proper lawn maintenance. One often overlooked but important aspect of lawn care maintenance is dethatching. Dethatching refers to the mechanical removal of thatch--a layer of dead turfgrass that has settled on the ground at the base of the grass. Some thatch, about ½ inch, is beneficial for maintaining moisture and protecting grassroots during dry and hot seasons. However, thatch that is over ½ inch thick becomes detrimental to the turf by blocking vital nutrients from reaching its root systems, promoting diseases, and encouraging insect infestations in your client’s lawn.

Gas-powered lawn dethatchers are ideal for removing thick thatch from lawns. A height-adjustable pin deck and multiple blade options allow for deep or shallow dethatching, depending on how severe the thatching is on your client’s yard. Multi-purpose blades are designed to slice through thick thatch and harder soils. A vertical slicer blade is designed to slice through surface root grasses and helps aerate sandy soil grasses. Flail blades are standard on most dethatchers and are used to lift moderate thatch and thinly slice soil. Spring tines are used to remove thin to moderate thatch from lawns. Some power rakes have an optional bag attachment in which to collect thatch for efficient disposal.

Find the best dethatcher for your landscaping company at Horizon. If you have any questions about lawn dethatchers or their features, contact a Horizon team member today! We are happy to help landscaping professionals make informed decisions when investing in landscape equipment.