Unbeatable Pest Control Using Professional Grade Insecticide

Horizon understands insects and pests can be frustrating for homeowners and business owners, which is why we have an unbeatable selection of professional grade insecticides for landscaping professionals to use around homes, commercial and industrial buildings, recreational areas, athletic fields, golf courses, lawns, and ornamentals.

  • Ants are one of the most common lawn pests. They can cause serious damage to landscapes as well as be a nuisance to animals and humans. Ant control is important for lawns and gardens for several reasons: 1) Ants can tunnel around the roots of plants which can cause the roots to dry out and the plants to die; 2) Ants can destroy the hard work you put into a client’s landscape design by causing unsightly ant mounds in lawns and garden beds; and 3) Ants can protect other insect pests from their natural enemies causing additional pest infestations and plant damage. Chlorpyrifos, acephate, and dichlorvos are several chemicals widely used for ant control.
  • Aphids and mealybugs are small sap-sucking insects often found feeding along the stems of plants and hiding under plant leaves. Ants protect aphids and mealybugs from natural predators and benefit from the honeydew produced by the pests. Though beneficial to the ants, honeydew promotes black sooty mold growth on leaves and can cover lawn furniture and other outdoor hardscaping with an unpleasant stickiness. While harmless in small quantities, heavy infestations of these bugs can cause plant damage--yellowing of leaves and/or stunting plant growth--and spread a variety of plant viruses. Many insecticides sold by Horizon provide effective control of aphids, mealybugs, and other chewing and sucking insect pests.
  • Another common lawn pest is the crane fly. Crane flies, colloquially called daddy longlegs or mosquito hawks, feed on flower nectar and pose no real threat to landscapes; however, crane fly larvae, nicknamed leatherjackets, are extremely detrimental to lawns because they feed on the roots, crowns, and blades of grass in the fall and spring. Preventive and active insecticide treatments are most effective at killing crane fly larvae before they cause damage to lawns. Horizon offers soil application and foliar application insecticides to prevent and control crane fly populations.

These are just a few insects that can wreak havoc on your clients’ landscapes. Other insect pests include but are not limited to: armyworms, cutworms, leafminers, fleas, ticks, beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, termites, wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, slugs and snails, pill bugs, and saw bugs. Homeowners and business owners might not know the extent of damage that can be caused to landscapes by these insects; however, the first step to combating insect infestations and damage to landscapes is to educate your clients about how to spot common signs of pests and let them know which pest control services your landscaping company offers.

Not sure which pest control solution you need for the job? No problem, we are here to answer your questions and help you select the best insecticide to target and kill pests before they cause landscape damage.