Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmers for Pruning Hedges and Shrubs with Ease

Horizon is the place to go for hedge trimmers that deliver optimal performance. We have single-sided hedge trimmers and double-sided hedge trimmers from brands like ECHO, Shindaiwa, and Little Wonder. Gas hedge trimmers are powerful tools designed for heavy cutting. If you need the ability to trim tall hedges or shrubs, take a look at our selection of articulating hedge trimmers with extended shaft lengths; however, if you need to tackle low growth while reducing stooping, explore our hedge trimmers with shorter shafts.

Single-Sided vs Double-Sided Hedge Trimmers

Are you stuck deciding whether your landscaping company needs single-sided or double-sided hedge trimmers? Let us help you.

Single-sided hedge trimmers are often safer for landscapers because the blade has teeth on only one side. Their thinner blade design means they can sport longer blades without compromising the balance of the machine for the user. The blade length for a single-sided hedge trimmer ranges from 30 inches to 48 inches. If you have clients with long hedgerows, consider investing in a single-sided hedge trimmer as an excellent addition to your landscaping tools.

On the flipside, double-sided hedge trimmers are applicable for various landscaping tasks such as routine hedge maintenance and topiary shaping. Their double-sided blades allow users to quickly change directions while cutting and are ideal for tight spaces. Typically, blade lengths for these hedge trimmers range from 20 inches to 48 inches. Look for double-reciprocating blades for cleaner cuts and vibration reduction.

ECHO double-sided hedge trimmers sport RazorEdge blades for improved cutting performance and long-lasting sharpness, plus comfortable handles, some even equipped with a rotating rear handle, for superior control while trimming hedges and shrubs. Shindaiwa hedge trimmers are lightweight with easy-start ignitions and 180° rotating rear handle for increased operation versatility.

Articulating Hedge Trimmers

On average, single-sided and double-sided hedge trimmers weigh around 12 pounds without fuel, while articulated trimmers average almost 14 pounds without fuel. Some articulating hedge trimmers, coined long reach hedge trimmers, can exceed 93 inches in length. Long reach hedge trimmers are good for tall cutting jobs, but they are not ideal for trimming low to the ground branches on hedges and shrubs. Articulating hedge trimmers with short shafts are perfect for reducing operator discomfort caused by stooping to reach lower branches. Articulating hedge trimmers are also ideal for creating and maintaining complex hedge and shrub designs.

Let a Horizon team member help you find the best hedge trimmer for your landscaping company today!