Have you ever considered mixing a reel mower in to your fleet? If you have higher end properties with clients who are particular, maybe you should!

If you aren’t familiar with reel mowers, one of the main differences from a rotary mower is that blades spin vertically (north to south) rather than horizontally (east to west), resulting in a different cut of grass. Reel mowers typically work better with lower heights of cut, and tend to offer a better quality of cut.

So, what are some reasons you might choose to use a reel mower over a rotary?

Precision Cuts

A cylinder mower cuts using a series of sharp spiral rotating blades. The rotating cylinder traps the blades of grass between its spinning blades and a stationary bottom blade. The action of the blades on a reel mower results in a precise, scissor-like cut on the grass.

Prevents Scalping

The front and rear rollers of a reel mower run close to the point at which the grass is cut. This allows very low heights of cut without scalping.

Minimal Compaction

The motion of the reel mower helps reduce soil compaction for an overall healthier turf. Each unit has a heavy roller on the back instead of wheels, evenly dispersing weight across the unit rather than concentrated under the wheels, creating a smoother, less thatchy surface. This also eliminates wheel marks, leaving a more visibly attractive lawn.

Quality Stripes

On a residence? Absolutely! What homeowner doesn’t watch a Major League Baseball game and dream of having a yard that looks like centerfield? All high-quality reel mowers have substantial front and rear rollers, naturally creating a strong, clear stripe. The attractive light and dark stripes created by a cylinder mower are recognized as being longer-lasting and more crisply-defined than those created by other mowers fitted with a rear roller alone.


Various reel mowers come with the added benefit of versatility. With one power unit, you can essentially have multiple machines simply by changing out the reel for a variety of cartridges including a turf rake, verticutter, sorrel roller, scarifier or brush. By establishing a best practice where cartridges are rotated during lawn care, you can establish a better root base with less thatch that allows for greater water and food penetration and a significantly healthier turf.

Buffalo 20 on Turf

As you can see, there are distinct applications where a reel mower could be the right solution. Are they your best choice for every situation? Probably not. In fact, outside of the sports turf arena, they really are best suited for properties with discerning owners that are really looking to stand out from their neighbors.

However, being able to offer the best, most pristine cut might give you the upper hand you need to land that higher end client or property. Maybe adding a reel mower to your lineup is just the closer you need.

Allett is a line of mowers and cartridges manufactured in the UK designed primarily for turf health and safety and secondarily for the beautiful lawn striping so common at major league facilities. Allett offers both commercial and residential product lines, and are available at Horizon stores throughout our network.