Erosion Control

Professional Erosion Control Products for Landscaping

Are you looking for erosion control products for your landscaping business? Stormwater is attributed to flooding and water pollution in urban environments which makes erosion control essential in urban landscapes. Not only does urban runoff control combat water pollution and property damage, it can also aid in water conservation and the protection of wildlife habitats.

Storm drain filters are easy to install and maintain and are a simple, yet efficient, water pollution solution. Horizon has drain filters in a variety of sizes for optimal drain inlet protection. Wattles are good for reducing the rate of surface runoff and filtering sediment runoff. They absorb water, trap silt and seed, and promote vegetation growth on land. We offer rice straw wattles, weighted wattles, and biodegradable wattles for use in the stabilization of hillsides and containment of polluted surface runoff.

Horizon also offers a variety of hydroseeding mulches, tackifiers, and hydroseeder additives for superior protection against erosion and soil loss. Hydroseeding is a process in which a slurry--comprised of seed, mulch, and tackifiers--is sprayed over the ground to promote quick grass growth for erosion control. It is more cost efficient than if you were to sod sloping lawns or hillsides, but more costly than seeding alone. Whether you need wood fiber mulch with a tackifier, wood fiber mulch, tackifiers, or hydraulic straw, we have them all to help you ace erosion control in your area.

If you’re looking for erosion control blankets, we have Coir Mats, Excelsior Blankets, Curlex Excelsior Blankets, Curlex High Velocity Blankets, Futerra Erosion Control Blankets, Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mats, and sediment control blankets for pollution solutions. Erosion control blankets are an effective solution for preventing erosion on steep slopes or channels. They are used to promote vegetation growth and protect topsoil from wind and water erosion in open areas too. Curlex erosion control blankets create a strong, fiber matrix designed to provide ideal conditions for grass seed to grow while providing excellent ground protection from erosion.

Horizon has professional lawn edging solutions for landscaping businesses too. You may find Bend-A-Board, Epic Edge, Edgex Contractor Grade Lawn Edging, and Sure-loc Edging are viable options for residential and commercial landscape edging. For superior landscape weed control, we have landscape fabrics in a variety of sizes that are easy to cut and handle. Not to mention, everything you need to anchor trees for optimum growth and wind protection; protect tree trunks from damage caused by trimmers, lawn mowers, and rodents; and direct tree root and shrub root growth to protect hardscapes and landscapes.

Browse our erosion control products today! Not sure what you need for your landscaping business? Contact us and a Horizon associate will be more than happy to help you select the right products for superior protection against erosion.