How To Select the Best Chainsaw for Landscaping

Pruning limbs and cutting down trees has never been easier than with an ECHO chainsaw. As a professional landscaping company, you may be called upon to remove fallen limbs or trees from your client's yards, and you will want to have the proper tools for the job. Horizon has a large selection of ECHO chainsaws and pole chain saws for landscape professionals.

Differences Between Top Handle Chainsaws and Rear Handle Chainsaws

When selecting the best chainsaw for your business, consider its uses: will it be used for general branch cutting or more substantial tree cutting? There are two types of gas-powered chainsaws: top handle chainsaws and rear handle chainsaws. Top handle chainsaws are designed for the operator to control the saw from the top. They are good for cleaning up fallen limbs on the ground and cutting low-hanging branches on trees in residential and commercial landscapes. These saws can also be used one-handed by professionals. Rear handle chain saws have both top and rear handles which provide the operator with the most control over the saw. They are a good choice for people who lack experience using a chainsaw because of their increased manageability. They are never meant to be used one-handed, however, and are the best choice for felling trees.

Pole Chainsaws

If you need to reach high branches and lack access to a bucket truck, a pole chainsaw is a convenient tool to add to your landscaping arsenal. A pole saw is essentially a light-weight chainsaw attached to a sturdy stick. Some pole saws can reach lengths of 7 feet to over 10 feet, which gives the operator plenty of range to keep their feet safely on the ground while cutting small limbs. The bar length can be 10 inches, 12 inches, or 14 inches. Pole chain saws are designed to be well-balanced with ergonomic handles for improved comfort and handling. We have 3 feet and 4 feet pole extensions available for purchase for Echo pole saws.

Horizon is here to help you make informed decisions regarding landscaping equipment for your business. While you are browsing our chainsaws and pole saws, remember to check out our selection of chainsaw chains, guide bars, and accessories. Do you need to sharpen your chain? We have round and flat saw files for keeping your saw's chain on point. We also have Oregon PowerSharp systems available for purchase as well.

Reach out to a Horizon representative for more information about chainsaws, pole saws, and chainsaw accessories.