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Following the lowest snowpack ever recorded and with no end to the drought in sight, on April 1st, 2015, California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. issued an Executive Order and announced a series of actions to reduce potable urban water usage by 25%. Many of the actions and restrictions within this order directly affect the day-to-day operations of green industry professionals across the state.

As an EPA WaterSense Distribution Partner, Horizon Distributors is devoted to keeping you at the forefront of the water conservation movement. We've developed a number of resources and solutions to help you educate your organization and your customers about smart watering practices so that they can comply with local water restrictions.


Association of California Water Agencies

California water suppliers are calling on customers to step up conservation efforts and many have already implemented mandatory restrictions. shows which water districts currently have mandatory restrictions and which have voluntary measures enacted.

California Water Districts & Associations

A list of over 600 California water and irrigation districts and major water associations maintained through a collaboration between University of California at Riverside, California State University, and San Bernardino Libraries. Local districts and associations are your best resource for local water restrictions and water rebate programs.

United States Drought Monitor

A weekly map of drought conditions produced jointly by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The map is based on measurements of climatic, hydrologic and soil conditions as well as reported impacts and observations from more than 350 contributors around the country.


California Drought 101 Seminar

Recorded live at the California Drought 101 seminar in March 2014, the Drought Solutions video series shows you how to grow your business and succeed in the face of drought. This 18-part video series runs 85 minutes in total and is organized into 3 sections: Low Hanging Fruit, Building a Smart Water Irrigation System, and Water Management Begins in the Soil. Video transcripts provided.

BizPro Training Videos

A series of videos produced by Horizon that show you how to grow your business and distinguish yourself from local competition through water conservation. Topics include: Growing Your Business Through Water Conservation, Smart Water Controllers 101, Smart Water Sprays & Nozzles, and Rain Bird Drip Irrigation Conversion.

California landscape irrigation auditing classes are offered by several USEPA WaterSense Labeled programs:

Irrigation Association CLIA

Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL)

Rainbird Landscape Irrigation Auditor Course

California Landscape Contractor Association Water Manager Certification

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