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Fertilizer FAQs

Fertilizer Basics

NPK Fertilizer Ratios Every Pro Should Know - The role of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) and common NPK ratios that make choosing the right type of fertilizer much easier.

What Fertilizer Gets Grass Green Quickly? - The type of fertilizer that gets grass green fast.

How to Choose a Spring Lawn Fertilizer - Many spring fertilizers have a similar NPK. Learn what key ingredients to look for on the label so you can choose the right fertilizer for your lawn.

How to Apply Weed and Feed Lawn Fertilizer - Learn about the two main types of Weed and Feed fertilizer and how to avoid common application mistakes.

The Different Types of Tree and Shrub Fertilizer - Fertilizers designed for trees and shrubs are often very similar in the ratio of NPK. In this FAQ, you'll see what to watch for when reading a bag to avoid excessive quick growth, tender shoots, and insect damage.

When to Fertilize

The Best Times to Apply Fertilizer - The growth pattern and ideal fertilization schedule for both warm and cool season grasses.

When to Fertilize Cool Season Grasses - When to fertilize cool season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Tall Fescue and Bent Grass.

When to Fertilize Warm Season Grasses - When to fertilize warm season grasses like Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia grass.

When to Fertilize Lawns in Spring - When to fertilize warm and cool season grasses in the spring.

When to Apply Overseeding Fertilizer - How to time fertilization when overseeding.

The Best Times to Fertilize a Mixed Lawn - How to time fertilization on properties with both cool and warm season grasses.

Slow Release Fertilizer

How Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer Works - What slow release fertilizer is and why it can contribute to a more efficient, cost-effective fertilizer program.

How Slow Release Fertilizer Saves You Money - One of the greatest myths when it comes to slow release fertilizer is that the bag price is too high.

The Problem With Quick Release Fertilizer - The main problem with quick release fertilizer and why slow release fertilizer is a better long-term solution.

Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer vs Chemical Fertilizer - The difference between organic, inorganic, synthetic, and chemical fertilizer, which can be critical when helping your customer identify what type of fertilizer program they want for their lawn.

What is Organic Fertilizer? - What organic fertilizer is and what your customer may really be asking for when requesting organic fertilizer for their lawn or landscape.

The Benefits of Organic Fertilizer - The benefits and caveats of implementing an organic fertilizer program.


Lighting FAQs

Installing LED Lights

Wiring an Outdoor LED Lighting System - Important steps and procedures to follow when setting up an outdoor LED lighting system.

How to Calculate Voltage Drop in LED Outdoor Lighting Systems - How to choose the right voltage tap on your transformer by calculating the total voltage drop throughout the lighting system.


Mowing FAQs


The Truth About Mulching - A common myth about grass clippings is that they need to be picked up to avoid thatch, fungus, and disease in lawns.

7 Mulching Tips Every Pro Should Know - 7 things professionals do when mulching to save time and get a better cut on the turf.

How to Avoid Clumps When Mulching Grass - 4 simple things you can do to immediately hide your grass clippings within the standing turf.

The Importance of Pre-Emergent When Mulching Lawns - The role pre-emergent herbicide plays in a successful mulching program.

Getting the Best Cut From Your Mulching Blades - How to maintain your mulching blades so you can get a quality cut every time.

Equipment Maintenance

What is the Best 2 Cycle Oil for Outdoor Power Equipment? - 3 tips to help you get the best oil for your 2 cycle landscape equipment.

How to Get More Hours Between Hydraulic Oil Changes - The benefits of moving to an oil that is specifically designed for your mower's hydraulic system.

How to Avoid Ethanol Fuel Problems in 2 Cycle Engines - The problems ethanol causes over time and a simple solution that can keep the engine in your 2 cycle power equipment running properly.

How to Repair a 2 Cycle Engine with Mechanic In a Bottle - How Mechanic In a Bottle works and a few steps for using it correctly in both poor-running and non-running engines.